About Judy

The year was 1995. I had a friend who wanted to write a book and asked about how to publish it inexpensively. Another friend suggested selling it on the Internet.  I had no idea what that meant!  Randy showed me what a URL was and we looked through some websites. Ahhh I thought – – – my skills with desktop publishing software gave me the tools to understand how to manipulate text and graphics. Suddenly, I knew I could do the same on the Internet. But, I did not know the language or the software to make the information show up on a URL. Excited and  determine I taught myself how to publish on the Internet. My first website, to help my friend with her book, was thebookstore.com ($1000.00 in those days for the domain) where with help of Sherry and the hosting company, webhero.com, we figured out how to build a site, manage a catalog on line, and to sell products (books). The second website jalyle.com followed, which featured and still does, the web development work. Sherry has been there every step of the way.

From the development of thebookstore.com the hosting company could see we knew what we were doing and began giving us referrals of folks who wanted websites that the hosting company did not want to build. The rest they say is history. We continue with a strong team of talented professionals who have been doing this work for many years. We do not charge an arm or a leg, but what is fair for all of us. We are reasonably priced custom web site developers who love what we do. Enjoy your on line presence and if we can help you in any way with web design, development, or content rewriting please let us know. ~ Judy