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Hello and Welcome! Since 1995 has offered web development, consulting, and editing services for many individuals and small businesses. I learned a lot, watched the growth of the Internet, and saw the expansion and change of web development – what a ride that I continually admire and enjoy experiencing. When the rapidity and effects of the pandemic and shutdown of the world generated fear into my reality of isolation, I, like so many, was forced to be present and honest with myself. What was I doing? How did I want to live my life? How did I want to change how I was doing what I wanted to do?

We frequently hear that life is not about the destination, rather the journey that really matters. This quiet and less stressful journey honestly felt really good. Not setting the alarm clock, not having to dress up every day to leave for an office, not feeling like I had to be with folks I really did not want to be with, or go places I did not really want to go. All the “normal” routines halted and with that came a feeling of freedom and strong thought that I need to make changes to my life. So one of the first big work related ‏ahhhs was to shut down the entity(J A LYLE COMMUNICATIONS INC., S Corp), and still offer personal web development consulting and content writing as in independent contractor. So I added a personal writing blog for my communications tool!

That’s right, I want to share my perspective and wisdom gathered from the many, years as a female, small business, web development owner who randomly chose a personal spiritual growth path to become more aware, to practice and work with spiritual intuition, energy flows, and to practice how to live from my heart center moment by moment integrated into every aspect of my daily life. Interesting duality you say?

Internet Savvy and Spiritual Healer – Yup! That’s me practicing being in the moment, living from my heart of unconditional acceptance and compassion! Those who know me well know that was and still is my intent. My spiritual journey began years before I started the web development business. So when I began the web development my self challenge was and is to use that heart energy in every moment of my day with each and every key stroke, with every thought regarding my customer service, work management connections, computer creativity, content and finished website. During this time I was also working as an energy healing apprentice with clients learning how to help people get well. What a great challenge and gift and in retrospect a remarkable journey. Of course there were lots of humbling lessons along the way, close to 30 year life lessons and experiences that I want to share through my stories and from my perspective.

In gratitude, I continue. . .

Appreciatively, Judy

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